TIC-80 — Workshop

On Tuesday, the 07.12. at 5pm we held a workshop to TIC-80. TIC-80 is a small fantasy computer in which you can develop small games with the languages Java Script, Lua and Moonshine.

At the beginning of the workshop TIC-80 was introduced with its components. There are built-in tools for developing code, sprites, maps, sound editors and a command line. At the end you get your game as a cartridge file.

Afterwards, the participants had one hour to implement their first own game mechanics together. There are several restrictions: the screen has a size of 240×136 pixels, there is only one color palette with 16 colors, 256 8×8 sprites and 4-channel sounds can be created.

If engines like Unity are too big for you, you should definitely have a look at TIC-80. In the future, we will certainly implement more projects with it and would like to play them together on our Acamat afterwards.

Try yourself at https://tic80.com