One of the centerpieces of Acagamics are the diverse events held by both professors and students of higher semesters. Of course, we are also always looking for people who are willing to share their knowledge with the students and hold a course themselves.

Creditable courses refer to the range of courses offered by Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg and in particular by the Faculty of Compter Science.

The courses are mainly offerend in German and eligable for Bachelor students if not noted otherwise. If and how the course can also be offered in English depends on the lecturer. If you are a Master student and want to take a Bachelor’s course, you best ask the examination office if it is possible.

Winter Semester

With credit points (CP)

Without credit points (CP)

Summer Semester

With credit points (CP)

Internships, Projects and Theses

At the Faculty of Computer Science there is also the possibility to choose individual and team projects that are related to games. The bachelor internship could also be completed at a game company.

The easiest way to do this is to approach professors and faculty members directly and find a suitable topic individually. Internships at game companies are also often not directly advertised, but still possible.

Programming Competition

Acagamics has also regularly hosted the programming competition for the course “Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen”. You can find a list of previous games here.


Some courses were offered only a few times or even only once. Some have also been renamed or combined into one course. All courses that are no longer offered or are offered in a different form can be found here.