Unity in Science – Retrospect

On 01.04. our event “Unity in Science” took place in the online format. Together we looked at the development history of Unity, highlighted the advantage of GameEngine, glanced at current medical and process engineering applications, and witnessed artificial intelligence in action.

A total of up to 30 participants attended the event and exchanged ideas about their projects. Unity and Unreal Engine were compared and experiences with student projects were discussed as well as tips and hints for further work with Unity.

There is no recording of the event, but anyone interested can view presentation slides from some of the talks on the event website at www.acagamics.de/unity-in-science/. (German only)

Resource List

Our advent calendar with all sorts of game development resources is now archived on our website. We hope to expand the list of resources to provide an overview for both beginners and advanced developers.

Find our new page here: https://acagamics.de/ressourcen/ (linking on the main page will hopefully come soon too!) The side is in German but the linked resources are mainly in English.

TIC-80 — Workshop

On Tuesday, the 07.12. at 5pm we held a workshop to TIC-80. TIC-80 is a small fantasy computer in which you can develop small games with the languages Java Script, Lua and Moonshine.

At the beginning of the workshop TIC-80 was introduced with its components. There are built-in tools for developing code, sprites, maps, sound editors and a command line. At the end you get your game as a cartridge file.

Afterwards, the participants had one hour to implement their first own game mechanics together. There are several restrictions: the screen has a size of 240×136 pixels, there is only one color palette with 16 colors, 256 8×8 sprites and 4-channel sounds can be created.

If engines like Unity are too big for you, you should definitely have a look at TIC-80. In the future, we will certainly implement more projects with it and would like to play them together on our Acamat afterwards.

Try yourself at https://tic80.com