Acagamics Game Award

Our Game Award goes into the next round!

With the Game Award we want to honor hobby game projects. Games can be created at one of our game jams, in a university course or privately.

It is very easy to participate. The deadline for registration is 15.09.2022. Simply submit a short description of your game. Until 01.10.2022 the games have to be uploaded to our server. A small jury will look at all the games and award the jury prize.

In October the official award event will take place. There you can exhibit your games, so that the visitors can test them. The visitors can then vote for their favorite game and award a community prize.

Until the submission, you can share your progress on our Discord server: (channel: game-award)
There you can also ask for help at any time if you get stuck while developing!

And what is there to win? A lot of fame and honor! We will also award certificates and a trophy for the winning teams of the jury prize and the community prize.

See also to get the latest infos!