Participants of the november 23 GameJam with the Acagamcis

The next GameJam is coming up!

The next GameJam starts on April 19th at 5 pm!

The aim of a GameJam is to create a finished game within 48 hours and present it to the other participants. As the main aim is to have fun developing, you can of course also bring a project with you or improve your game even further after the GameJam. Even if you only have a few hours to spare, you can still take part. The game is usually worked on in groups that meet on the first day, but you can also join later or work alone.

What you use for game development is up to you. The engines Unity and Godot, graphic programs Gimp and Aseprite and version control with Github are popular at our GameJams – but we’ve also created beautiful games in MATLAB. There are also useful tools for those who can’t program or have little time, such as the 2D Hackschule and Scratch.

The GameJam takes place in the basement of the FIN: G29-K058 and G29-K059. As always with snacks and drinks!

Come and join us!