Acagamics e.V.

A Student Game Developer Club


About us

Acagamics e.V. is a non-profit student game developer association at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. Since 2005 we want to enable interested and dedicated students to work with video games and all their facets. Our primary goals are:

  • to build and offer a platform for students interested in game development and industry
  • to offer educational courses and lectures
  • to organize interesting guest lectures and talks
  • to arrange excursions to exhibitions
  • to strengthen the acceptance of video games in society and science
  • to create new and exiting games together
  • to provide diversion from daily routine

What We Offer


Techtreff always takes place every Tuesday from 7 pm to Open End in room G29-335. Snacks and drinks are always provided. Just come by if you want to work on a project, show your project to others or if you just want to find out more about the club. In German and English.


Several times during the semester we organize a GameJam. On a weekend the participants have 48h time to program a game. A perfect moment to improve your programming skills and gain project experience.

The next GameJam is the GlobalGameJam from 24 - 26.04

More information coming soon...

Orga Meeting

At the organisational meetings, we discuss and decide the future plans of our club. The topics range from introducing possible future business partners, searching for additional members to organise the next community activity, or our participation in coming events to proposing long-term plans like the excursions to BlueByte or the German Dev Days. Anyone can join our organisation team.

Next orga meeting is the 26.02 at 5pm in G29-335

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Johannes Hauffe
Chairman since 10/18
Anja Kaminski
Head of Culture since 04/19
Janek Winkler
Head of Industry since 10/19
Lisa Piotrowski
Head of Lecture since 10/19
Bennet Meier
Head of Community since 10/19