General Assembly 2021

On 25.10. the 18th Acagamics general assembly took place. All positions were filled and we look forward to another year with a new board! Elected were:

Chair – Sarah Mittenentzwei
Industry – Till Isenhuth
Teaching – Tobias Ehlert
Community – Janek Winkler
Culture – Lars Wagner
Treasurer – Julian Benda


MatLab – GameJam 2021

GameJam! MatLab? MatLab-GameJam?!

On the weekend of 22 – 24.10. there was a digital GameJam of a different kind. A GameJam with a programming language that is mainly designed for linear algebra with matrices (hence the name Matrix Laboratory) and almost not at all for interactivity, which is actually the cornerstone of video games. Nevertheless, we ventured out and tried to think in terms of matrices.

Friday evening started with the usual introduction: welcome and brainstorming for ideas. The brainstorming was a bit reserved this time, because all present could not really estimate the capacities of MatLab yet. That’s why at 8pm there was a short introduction by Sarah about games in MatLab, where the basics like game loop, keyboard input and graphical representation were introduced. At the end the game jammers had a small template to build their game on. The following two days the participants were then busy discovering MatLab’s weaknesses and strengths that work for games. Sunday afternoon, the results were then presented.

Here you can download the games. Screenshots of the games are below:

Autumn Get-together

The new semester has barely begun and the first get-together social event has already taken place. On October 14, some old and many new faces met on the lawn in front of the FIN for a very special fall festival. After 3 online semesters there was finally an event again where you could meet people you usually only met online or never met before, live and in color. Even though it was already a bit chilly, the weather luckily didn’t put a damper on our plans. To warm up, however, there was live cooked pumpkin soup and tea. Under the open sky we grilled and chatted and also the Acamat was in use again, although not yet completely finished. We thank all who helped and especially those who spontaneously jumped in!

Regulars’ Table Sept. 2021

After a long, long time of contact restrictions because of Corona, we have finally had a regulars’ table in the Moonlight Bar on 07.09.21 again. 8 members met (of course only under the 3G rule) to talk a bit. In the cover picture you can see the ones who remembered to take a picture ­čÖé (Robert, Julian, Kim, Janek)

Kulturbr├╝cke 2021

This weekend (Sept. 11 to 12) was a very special one for Acagamics. We finally started to build our club’s own arcade machine after a long time of planning! And we did that at the cultural event “Kulturbr├╝cke 2021“. Right there at the Elbe, we screwed, sanded, drilled and painted. Fortunately, we not only had support from our members but also got tips and tricks for woodworking and the handling of paint spray cans from visitors. Along the way, we were also able to listen to the program on the stage.

We would like to thank the organizers of the event for transporting the materials and providing a pavilion, electricity and drinks. We would also like to thank all those who participated in the actual construction of the Acamat.


Summer Get-Together 2021

On Tuesday the 06.07.21, we had a small summer get-together. Despite the changeable weather, we met in the Nordpark and had a barbecue. Veterans as well as some new faces and even a hedgehog joined the round. After the long Corona break, this was the first in-person social gathering in a long time and everyone made use of the cozy round to catch up with each other and also play some games.

Thanks to Cord for bringing a barbecue grill and Kim for preparing the food. Thanks to everyone else for helping setting everything up and cleaning up afterwards.

New Website

After some turmoil with our old server we finally moved to a new webspace. That means a new website, more stable mail server, and less administration work!

Unfortunately we had to give up our own server in Magdeburg for this ­čÖü The decision was not easy for us but since the problems with server failures have increased more and more and our admin team has slowly withdrawn from the active club life, we had to part with a heavy heart.

The website is still under construction. We still need to get used to the system, add content and update other. If you notice anything that can be improved, feel free to contact us!

Your Acagamics Orga