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Courses Winter 16/17

09 2016 geschrieben von Alexander Voigt am 20. September 2016

Finally the courses for the winter term 2016/17 can be found completely in the category "Veranstaltungen" (Events). Of course we would be happy on your participation and hope to be able to offer you also this term another great choice of courses.

IMPORTANT: Usually the language in our courses is german. But if you are still interested to participate, please write to and tell us, what's your preferred course. We will try to find a solution. Please don't be disappointed, if it's not possible. We will try to improve that!

Enclosed you will find the following events:

Have you ever wondered how a computer game can be defined? Which components are part of it? The answers to these questions you will get here!

Mehrwert anstatt nur Spaß. Maria entwickelt mit euch Spieleprototypen, welche der Beantwortung einer wissenschaftlichen Frage dienen.

Added value, not just fun. Maria will develop some game prototypes with you, which are used to answer a scientific question.

Matthis and Johannes are looking forward to introduce you to the game development in the form of a 2D game. Here you have the opportunity to develop the game within a team and to learn the necessary basic skills.

Lisa and Tony will show you how to create your own content with Blender. The learning and the practical implementation will be focussed here.