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Analog Game Jam

09 2016 geschrieben von Gnaarf am 15. September 2016

[german version]

The time has come to discover realms beyond the digital world. We are glad to announce that from the 23.-25. we will have our first ever analog Game Jam.

  • Location: G29-R307, University of Magdeburg
  • Begin: Friday 23. September, 17:00Uhr
  • Presentation: Sunday 25. September, 17:00Uhr

It's going to be a weekend of crafting, drawing and glueing, to later hold your very own prototype of a board-, card-, dice-or other kind of tabletop game in your hands. Or maybe someone has an idea for a whole different kind of game.

We can provide a certain amount of crafting tools and material but it is a good idea to take some own tools (like scissors) with you.