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SummerJam and GDG-Jam 2016

07 2016 geschrieben von Sarah am 07. July 2016

[German Version]

Ignoring the great heat numerous FIN-students met in the lecture hall to make games from 24th to 26th of Juni. The fitting theme was "attack of sweating".

The GameJam also was GDG-Jam and the most visited GameJam in our faculty ever. Thus many different approaches were taken by the jammers. Various genres, from shooters to RPGs, were shown in the final presentation. The special higlight of the presentation was a selfmade rap to the game "Apocalypse Lauch".

But not only the results of the Jam were special, some groups tried out interesting new working concepts. A little "AntiJam" forced its members to do the job they were least suited to do. Suprisingly a working game with self-made graphics and music came out of this.

As always pizza (sponored by the Microsoft Student Partners), snacks and drinks helped us through the nearly 50 hours of programming, designing and composing.