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11 2016 geschrieben von Alexander Moros am 05. November 2016

Ich war vor zwei Wochen auf Europas größter Spielemesse, der SPIEL und hab einen kleinen Bericht in Englisch darüber geschrieben, der sich hier unter dem Strich befindet.


Two Weeks ago I went to Essen to visit Europes biggest boardgame convention: the SPIEL.

What I found were seven halls filled with thousands of tables, each holding a game and people playing it. The empty space left was filled with stores selling those games and people wandering around, searching for a game they liked.

But of course, the other thing they were searching for was an empty seat or table to play at, because the halls were densely packed. Especially Saturday fast movement and finding an empty table to play a popular game was nearly impossible. Whenever I saw a game I wanted to play, I had to be ok with waiting until a table got free or hope on my luck and wander around to come back later. Maybe there would be a table looking like it was close to finishing their game next time.

The good news is: wandering around is worth it. I found a lot of games I have never heard of, some of which won't release until next year. Also, with the number of games that were presented, one is bound to stumble upon an empty table sooner or later. It should also be possible to just watch a playing group with their consent to analyse the game and the way it's played, although I didn't try that.

The games I encountered were of every kind. I played a deck building game that had propper combat, a Cthulhu inspired investigation game, different german-style board games of which some were the result of a kickstarter and a prototype boardgame form from the amazing computergame „This war of mine“. I even saw some tables where people played Pen & Paper games.

A last thing to talk about are the shops, were I spent both a lot of time and money. As you could guess there is propably no better place to purchase boardgames offline, as you will propably find everything and be able to testplay it nearby. I also found a lot of general equipment, as in many dices, P&P adventure paths and deck boxes.

Sadly I don't think the SPIEL is a good place for networking as I was never sure if the people at the booths were just paid to stand there or the actual developpers.