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Games Week in Cologne

08 2016 geschrieben von David am 29. August 2016

[German Version]

Last week we and probably the whole German Games Industry were fully occupied - it was Games Week in Cologne.

The week was initiated on 15th and 16th of August with the Game Developer Conferences Respawn and GDCE. On Respawn numerous members of Acagamics were present, partly working as volunteers and were busy making new contacts or listening to interesting talks. Parts of the speakers also are members of our club - Maria Manneck with her talk "Dream Design - Create and Play Your Own Virtual Reality" as well as Florian Uhde and David Kuri with "Screw Innovation! - Disruptive Design for Augmented Reality".

But the big highlight of that week was the Gamescom, were we managed the booth of our university. We presented the university and our club to innumerable potential students. Also our games were very well accepted. Many couldn't get enough of our classics like VirusX, TurboZonk and Pandas on the Run.

Those who didn't need to attend to our booth admired the games presented on Gamescom. When the masses of people became too much they withdrew to the business area and enjoyed the quiet there.

All in all this was a really successful week and we eagerly look forward to next year.