Resource List

Our advent calendar with all sorts of game development resources is now archived on our website. We hope to expand the list of resources to provide an overview for both beginners and advanced developers.

Find our new page here: (linking on the main page will hopefully come soon too!) The side is in German but the linked resources are mainly in English.

General Assembly 2021

On 25.10. the 18th Acagamics general assembly took place. All positions were filled and we look forward to another year with a new board! Elected were:

Chair – Sarah Mittenentzwei
Industry – Till Isenhuth
Teaching – Tobias Ehlert
Community – Janek Winkler
Culture – Lars Wagner
Treasurer – Julian Benda


New Website

After some turmoil with our old server we finally moved to a new webspace. That means a new website, more stable mail server, and less administration work!

Unfortunately we had to give up our own server in Magdeburg for this 🙁 The decision was not easy for us but since the problems with server failures have increased more and more and our admin team has slowly withdrawn from the active club life, we had to part with a heavy heart.

The website is still under construction. We still need to get used to the system, add content and update other. If you notice anything that can be improved, feel free to contact us!

Your Acagamics Orga