Join Acagamics

You want to become a member of Acagamics? Wonderful! We are always happy when someone supports us and wants to become a part of our community. Note, however, that most of our members are German speaking. Although we always try to include everyone who wants to join, we cannot guarantee that we can do every event or course in English.

Our members say…

I think the club atmosphere is very nice. That everyone helps everyone else if someone needs help.
Ich finde das Vereinsklima sehr schön. Dass jeder jedem hilft, wenn irgendwas ist.

What was very, very cool for studying was having people from the higher semesters here in 229. You quickly found new contacts.
Was für’s Studium sehr, sehr cool war, ist hier in 229 Leute aus den höheren Semestern zu haben. Da hatte man direkt Anschluss im Studium.

I will definitely remember the first Game Jams I organized and the Game Dev Day.
Die ersten Game Jams, die ich organisiert habe und der Game Dev Day bleiben mir auf jeden Fall in Erinnerung.

After I got involved in Acagamics it was easier for me to also join other committees, although I had no idea what would happen there.
Nachdem ich bei Acagamics drin war, war es einfacher für mich, in andere Gremien zu gehen, auch wenn man keine Ahnung hat.

A Game Jam will give you a feel for how realistic game development actually works.
[Auf dem Game Jam] bekommt man ein Gefühl dafür, wie realistische Spieleentwicklung funktioniert.

It’s just so crazy how you can just talk to other people about game design and it still feels great and like a useful conversation.
Das ist ultra geil, wie du dich einfach mit anderen Leuten über Game Design unterhalten kannst und es fühlt sich richtig gut und sinnvoll an.

Why should I join?

As a member you have a voice in a growing and in the industry increasingly known organization which deals with game development on an academic level. You have access to the materials of all events and can contact their creators at any time. Thanks to our regular contacts with professionals from the industry, we can place you as a member of the association and thus open unexpected doors for you. In addition, from time to time we organize trips to well-known developer fairs, where we support our members financially. As a member you can also participate in internal workshops and trainings, which are also supported by guest lecturers.

What are my duties?

Your only obligation as a member is to pay the membership fee of 20,- € per semester – whereby the first semester is free! We know that this might not be so little for a student, but the money is directly put into cool projects you can be a part of. All Acagamics members work on a voluntary basis.

What do I have to do to join?

The easiest way is to fill out the application form (German), print it and hand it in to one of the board members (or send it by (physical) mail). Of course, the application can also be sent by (physical) mail to the address of the association.

Alternatively, you can often find us on club presentation nights at the university or when we host a live event.

Legal Note

By becoming a member, you accept the statutes, the rules of the association, the contribution rules and the honorary rules. And of course you have to read them all 😉

Those are all in German because they are legally binding documents and we don’t have the skills to translate them so that we can ensure they have the exact same meaning as the German ones. If you have questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Don’t worry – write an e-mail at info[at]