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05 2017 geschrieben von Dzhu am 23. May 2017

Hello everybody,

on Friday, the 2nd June, the Game Weekend will start at 8 p.m. in the G29-307 and go up to the Whitsun Monday, the 5th June, until 8 p.m.
The Game Weekend is slightly longer digital game evening where you can play games with friends and fallow students together or against each other. As on the last Game Weekend small tournaments will be hold again, this time however with the possibility to win small prizes.
If you have no fan to play but do not want to miss the company, you have the possibility to program at the GameJam during the Game Weekend and work on project.

The use of the FIN lecture room for the Game Weekend is however restricted to a maximum of 50 people of technical reasons, which means that a registration is required in the Doodle, so that each registered person gets a guaranteed seat. So please take the following Doodle with the full names and approximately within the time period in which you will be there:


  • Game Weekend will take place!
  • When? - on Friday, the 2nd June at 8 p.m., until Whitsun Monday, the 5th June until 8 p.m.
  • Where? - G29-307
  • Participator limit to a maximum of 50 people concurrently
    • please take the Doodle with rough/approximate attendance time with the full names
  • Tournaments with small prizes
    • Games:
      • Mario Kart
      • Starcraft 2
      • Virus X
      • Tower Fall
  • Who have no fan to play games, can also jams