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06 2016 geschrieben von David am 01. June 2016

Ich war ja diesen Samstag auf dem Berlin Mini Game Jam und habe meine Erfahrungen ein wenig zusammengefasst. Den vollständigen Text habe ich allerdings nur auf englisch geschrieben, also einfach unter den Strichen weiterlesen, wenn euch das interessiert.


This Saturday I visited Berlin to go to the Berlin Mini Game Jam ( and had loads of fun there. The concept is really easy. It's just like a regular Game Jam, but you only have 8 hours to program a game.

I entered the co-op space around noon together with two complete strangers. Having arrived one of them went straight to a desk and started unpacking while the other two of us just stood by the sofa. We quickly started chatting and as we were kind of in the middle of the main room people kept joining us.

Around 15 minutes later (we were already a circle of 8 people with multiple other people standing around) Tobias (the main organizer) announced that we should go around and talk to five different people asking them the most important question: "Are you a developer or an artist?". We kind of were doing that already but this way at least the big circles dissolved and everyone met some more people.

Afterwards the theme voting was announced. I personally really like the idea of having a voted theme because that way nobody can complain (although they probably will anyway). We had this gigantic list of themes collected on Facebook beforehand and could rate each theme with +1 (I like this), 0 (I don't care) and -1 (I really don't want to do this theme). When all votes were cast the three themes were announced. They were "observe the space", "silly stealth" and "colorful".

This immediately screamed the obvious idea to me. Ball pools are colorful and you can hide in them. I quickly explained this idea to Carsten (a programmer from Denmark) and we decided to make this into a game with the incredibly creative title "ballpool".

Ballpools story is simple. You play Astro Geek who loves playing in his ballpool. But he also wants to watch the universe from his telescope. This wouldn't be a problem if the schools bullies hadn't decided to hunt him. So he has to try to stealthily go through his ballpool to the telescope to enjoy spacewatching.

We started at 1pm and at 9pm had a pretty decent game (prototype) written in is a html5/js game framework. The (nearly final) version can be seen at where Carsten posts his game prototypes made in Berlin. You can find the code here . As we were kind of missing artists (mostly because we didn't think of asking someone), we just kind of stole the sprites and the music but that doesn't matter now.

At 9pm 13 game prototypes were presented and afterwards (after me having left) pizza arrived. The videos of the presentation will be put online on if you are interested in them.

All in all this was a really refreshing experience. I had my doubts about making a game in just 8 hours but in the end really proud of what we achieved. Another upside on the short duration is that you actually aren't completly exhausted after the Jam (in comparison to the normal 48h Jams). Also the amount of artists in the Berlin Game Developer Scene really dwarves the Jams in Magdeburg.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little report from Berlin and I hope to see some Magdeburger faces next time I'm there, because I definitely will be returning to Berlin MiniJam.