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Acagamics Game Dev Day - Résumé

12 2016 geschrieben von am 21. December 2016

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We have done it! On the 26th of November, 2016, we organized the first Acagamics Game Dev Day. For all of you that could not experience this event first-hand, we want to give a quick overview here.

In the morning we welcomed about 50 school students to the FIN and helped them acquire basic game development skill over the course of 5 hours. In parallel several university students broadened their horizon in workshops about advanced Unity development, 3D modelling and procedural world generation. And of course no big event of Acagamics shall ever pass by without a game jam! A bunch of motivated jammers met a day earlier for a 24h jam.

At 2:30pm the Acagamics Game Dev Day was officially opened in the Festung Mark. Right after that, the founder of Acagamics Lennart Nacke gave a talk on "The Science behind Gamification and Game User Research", the first of several awesome presentations to come. It was followed by Andreas Suika, who illustrated the progession from an idea to a real game based on the ongoing project "The Long Journey Home". Daniel Balster from Blue Byte explained the background of cameras in games and gave some insights for students interested in computer science. The first block of talks was closed with "Designing Game Sound" by Yannick Süß, who composed music for companies like Paradox Interactive and Runeforge Game.

In parallel to the talks, visitors were invited to grab their goodie bags and food, talk to local game developers and various clubs and to test games written by Acagamics members.

At 8pm another highlight took place with the presentation of the annual Acagamics Game Award. Out of 13 submissions, one clearly stood out: Kai Bornemann won both the community award and the newly introduced jury award with his top-down-RPG game Seal Breaker, inspired by games like Dark Souls and Diablo 2.

After the awarding ceremony a very interesting panel discussion on "Career Paths into the Games Industry" followed, hosted by Tim Jagla. Talking were Xenija Neufeld (Crytek), Marco Rosenberg (Freelancer), Stefan Schlechtweg-Dorendorf (Hochschule Anhalt), Daniel Balster (Blue Byte/Ubisoft) and Yannick Süß (Audinity), giving an inside view of their different careers and experiences in the industry.

The closing talk of this wonderful evening was given by Andreas Reich (Havok/Microsoft) on Data Oriented Programming.

At this place we want to express our gratitude to all those who made the event possible. First of all, the OvGU, and especially the Faculty of Computer Science and the Institute on Simulation and Graphics. Our thanks also to the StuRa of the OvGU, the FaRaFIN, regiocom, 2tainment, Microsoft and the Microsoft Student Partners, all of whom supported us with their sponsoring. Also, we thank all the speakers - we were happy and honoured to have you! And finally a huge thank you to all helpers and organizers. It was a delight to work with you.

See you at the next Game Dev Day one fine day in the future :)